MPTP 2016 results and previous years

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Missouri State 2015

Missouri State Championships 2015, August 23,

Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia MO, also on facebook.

Thank you to our main sponsor Janet Workman, and to our smaller suppliers and ones making contributions. Suppliers include: My Girls Ink of Malvern IA, who do the T-Shirts; and Trophy Shop of Creston IA, who do the Trophies. Thanks to the Missouri State Fair for the great facility and the State Fair ribbons presented to our first through sixth place finishers. Also the Fair provides for the Non-qualifier pull in the early morning. Just like the fair we were down in numbers this year, about 2/3rds the numbers of 2014. Yet I think we can say there was great competition for the top spots in each group. We did have a number of placers for outside Missouri, yet a check of the map shows they are much closer to our regular pulls than the other states. There was question about the western location, it is important to understand that the fair took us in, when eastern venues were not interested, we have a great facility, better than what we had, and we are appreciated by the fair. I will relate a thought about distance. First how far is to0 far for my child, second every state deals with this, the panhandle of Nebraska, Western Kansas, Northwest Iowa is closer to South Dakota's in Mitchell than Marshalltown, and lastly as parents we know there are times we have to stretch things a bit. Lets celebrate the ones that show up and encourage all to try to make our state the greatest show it can be.



4 year olds:

1. Lily-Ann Miller                                             Montrose MO

5 year olds:

1. MaKenna Lange                                            Belle MO

2. Lucy Greunke                                                Owensville MO

3. Whitney Winders                                          Chilhowee MO

6 year olds:

1. Mattea Williams                                            Stanberry MO

2. Sofia Doolittle                                                Albany MO

3. Lauren Smith                                                 Cummings KS

4. Ali McCrea                                                      Maysville MO

5. Bryli Dlashmett                                              Fulton MO

6. Olivia McQuinn                                             Stanberry MO

7 year olds:

1. Ashlynn Lewis                                                LaPlata MO

2. Kenlee Oglesby                                              Harrisburg MO

3. Brooklyn Buck                                               Avoca IA

4. Presley McDannald                                      Columbia MO

5. Leighanna Bundt                                          Leon IA

8 year olds:

1. Kendall Small                                                 Memphis MO

2. Sophia Otten                                                  New Haven MO

3. Jacey Peery                                                     Clinton MO

4. DevinLee Herring                                         St Joseph MO

5. Maddie Dickinson                                        Lonedell MO

6. Rachel Otten                                                  New Haven MO

9 year olds:

1. Bella Skibinski                                               Troy MO

2. Tharia Vedder                                                New Haven MO

3. Gracie Wieberg                                              Tuscumbia MO

4. Molly Lohden                                                 Sullivan MO

5. Katie Bernicky                                                Fulton MO

6. Alexis Erbschloe                                            Hermann MO

10 year olds:

1. Ashlyn Laws                                                    Glenwood MO

2. Kristyn Wetzig                                                McGirk MO

3. Hailey Coleman                                              St. Genevieve MO

4. Josie Gerlemann                                            Owensville MO

5. Michelle Swisher                                            Clinton MO

6. Amber Marlin                                                 Conway MO

11 year olds:

1. Rachel Grey                                                     Paola KS

2. Arramorie Stone                                            Centralia MO

12 year olds:

1. Ellie Westermeyer                                         New Haven MO

2. Trista McDannald                                         Columbia MO

3. Alyssa Peterson                                              Overland Park KS


1. Kayla Myers                                                     Malvern IA

2. Symone Demanett                                         Randolph IA

Modeling Missouri shirts and acting silly.


4 year olds:

1. Logan Hrabik                                                   Louisville NE

2. Wyatt Meyer                                                    New Haven MO

3. Colton VonderHaar                                       St. Genevieve MO

4. Bryton Vandergrift                                        New Bloomfield MO

5. Brayden Twellman                                        Silex MO

6. Scott Winingear                                             Fulton MO

5 year olds:

1. Samuel Bridgeman                                         Owensville MO

2. Tanner Fitzsimmons                                      Macon MO

3. Jacob Oglesby                                                  Harrisburg MO

4. Quentin Morse                                                 Blackburn MO

5. Brody Walter                                                    Lucerne MO

6. Cody Parker                                                      Centralia MO

6 year olds:

1. Stetson Stone                                                    Centralia MO

2. Cooper Duren                                                   Fayette MO

3. Max Bauer                                                         Louisburg KS

4. Joshua Dickinson                                             Linedell MO

5. Paden Luebbert                                                Westphalia MO

6. Eli Hiatt                                                              Owensville MO

7 year olds:

1. Craig Binsbacher                                               Sullivan MO

2. Brendan Conner                                               Owensville MO

3. Quentin Dutro                                                   Bethany MO

4. Oliver Bridgeman                                             Owensville MO

5. Noah Doolittle                                                   Albany MO

6. Jaiden Galbreath                                              Fulton MO

8 year olds:

1. Roy Bauer                                                            Louisburg KS

2. Jayden Thompson                                             Sigourney IA

3. Jeremy Hahne                                                    Hermann MO

4. Jaden Gerlemann                                              Owensville MO

5. Matthew Klein                                                    St. Genevieve MO

6. Christopher Huffman                                       Novinger MO

9 year olds:

1. Franky Erxleben                                                 Japan MO

2. Austin Smith                                                       Cummings KS

3. Garrett Crosby                                                    Owensville MO

4. Brayden Lewis                                                    La Plata MO

5. Isaac Wardlow                                                    Revere MO

6. Ryan Westermeyer                                            New Haven MO

10 year olds:

1. Walker Larsen                                                     Garnett KS

2. Curtis Falter                                                        Freeburg MO

3. Michael Dierking                                                Blackburn MO

4. Brayden Walter                                                  Lucerne MO

5. Lucas Hrabik                                                       Louisville NE

6. Austin Orth                                                          Centralia MO

11 year olds:

1. Colby Smith                                                          Cummings KS

2. Art Sims                                                                 Sedalia MO

3. Carter Petree                                                        Tipton MO

4. Tyler Martin                                                         Kirksville MO

5. Lance Wieberg                                                     Tuscumbia MO

12 year olds:

1. Ethan Bundt                                                          Leon IA

2. Jackson Meloy                                                      Clinton MO

Mens:       530# at end of 3 rounds with rubber skid.

1. Logan Shoemaker                (in seat)                  Owensville MO

2. Joel Dierking                        (seated on front)   Blackburn MO

3. Brandon Gray                                                         Paola KS

4. Michael Gerlemann                                               Owensville MO

5T. Terry Wetzig                                                         McGirk MO

5T. Jason Meyer                                                          Dissen MO

7. Josh Wetzig                                                              McGirk MO

8. Dennis Segelhorst                                                   Beauford MO

9. Ethan Brandt                                                           Dissen MO

10. Jacob Dierking                                                       Blackburn MO

11. Cole Schroeter                                                         Owensville MO

Great pulling by the men and women. It was a great State pull with 128 pullers. We had 48 for the non-qualifier in the morning. 11 men and 2 women pulled giving us a total of 189 pulled on the day. We now have 8 pullers operating with 4 who are doing 4 or more a year, and more getting ready. Not bad to go from 2-3 in 2009 and a state pull average of 30-45 pullers to these numbers. For the first time since moving to Sedalia we did not set a new record, yet the fair as a whole was down quite a bit this year. The key to placing is practice at sanctioned pulls as much as possible during the year. In other states the kids are pulling all season at sanctioned pulls. If we do this no one is going to out pull the kids from Missouri. Fun pulls are just that fun, if your serious then the pulls need to be serious and sanctioned. Ask your local events to get sanctioned pulls in the future and in the meantime you will do the traveling we used to do for our girls.

Thank you Dennis, Jason, Steve and families for all the help.

Thanks everyone.

Ken and Willo Myers

Thank you Janet, Leeva, and Gladys.

Thanks Kayla and Symone